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"A Brief Sketch of Our Church History"


Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law,

happy is he. Proverb 29:18.



In 1934 under the auspice of God, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

and the guidance of Jesus Christ, Elder William A. Holman, along with his

supportive wife, Mary, planted the seed that we currently call "The St.

Andrew Primitive Baptist Church." Elder Holman, being a wise man sought the

council of his Pastor and mentor, Elder Eli Moore of the Mt. Zion Primitive

Baptist Church and Moderator of the Indian Creek Primitive Baptist



Elder Moore conducted the first conference for St. Andrew and several of his

Deacons and Mothers became the first members of the new body. Among them

were Deacon John L. Rice, Shelly Rice, Willie Copper, and Mother Mary

Holman. Deacon Amos Robinson was also a member. Elder Holman and his

congregation met and had services in a white frame house, sitting on Scott

Weatherly's place, on Swancott Rd.


The Church's first secretary was Sister Patsy Harper. Sister Susie Ervin

also served as church secretary for numerous years. The first Sunday School

Superintendent was Brother Waddy Ayers and Brother Fox Burns. Sister Geneva

Kirby Harris, Sister Susie Ervin, and Sister Kelly Betts were among the

first Sunday School Teachers.


In 1937, The St. Andrew Primitive Baptist Church, known as "Holman's Church"

moved to its current location. The church maintained that structure until

1972. Elder Holman saw the need to continue growth and laid out plans to

build a new structure. His infinite wisdom allowed Elder Holman to see the

beginning of his vision take shape. He was able to see the foundation

completed and the walls beginning, but God decided that his ministry here on

earth was complete and graciously called him home on March 2, 1972.


Elder Holman left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Elder Holman was

Pastor of St. Andrew for 42 years, his first church. He was also Pastor of

Liberty Primitive Baptist Church for 38 years and Antioch Primitive Baptist

Church for 40 years.


Deacons ordained under him included: Jim Waddle, Benny Waddle, Kirk Polk,

Ed Caudle, Manuel Jones, Fox Burns, Andrew Lacy, Columbus Waddle, Watt Rice,

Lamar Caudle, Walker Holman, Wordlow Withers, Fleming Erskine, John Rice,

Scott Weathers, Alfred Waddle, and Shelly Rice. Mothers under Elder Holman

included: Carrie Jones, Mary Holman, Octavia Cosby, Hazel Jackson, Bulah

Gordon, Mattie Waddle, Cleo Robinson, Mandy Ricks, Cora Scruggs, Ella Lacy,

Lela Sales, and Maggie Holman. Ministers under Elder Holman included:

Elders Benny Waddle, Amos Robinson, and Daniel Brandon.


Upon the death of Elder Holman, God graciously placed another warrior for

Christ at the helm of the St. Andrew P.B. Church Family, Elder George E.

Franklin, Sr. Elder Franklin immediately went to work; leading the St.

Andrew Family, and became their 2nd pastor in 1972.


Under his pastorate the structure started by Elder Holman was completed and

many structural changes were made. Being prayerful, as in all things, the

St. Andrew Family, lead by Pastor Franklin, made provisions to erect a new

tabernacle of worship. Pastor Franklin saw the completion of this vision in

2000 when the body began worship in the current facility.


Under Pastor Franklin's leadership we had a Sanctuary Choir, Youth and Male

Chorus, Brotherhood and Women Auxiliary, Youth and Senior Usher Boards, and

a variety of teaching ministries, including Bible Study and Sunday School

for all ages. Elder Franklin started our association with the CARES

organization and encouraged participation and support for an organization

that he truly loved.


Elder Franklin also left a legacy that will never be forgotten. He served

as Pastor of St. Andrew for 31 faithful years.


Deacons ordained under Elder Franklin include: James Smith, Dwight Lewis,

Curtis Holman, Saul Butler, Lesley Fletcher, James Lewis, Ivary Pickett, and

Michael Jefferson. Ministers under Elder Franklin include: Elders Joe

Battle, Calvin Moore, Harrison Burruss, Fred Holman, Archie Morris, Al

Holman, and Charlie Holley. Elders Woodrow Kirby and Harrison Burruss were

ordained as deacons and as ministers under Pastor Franklin.


Mothers seated under Elder Franklin include: Annie Kirby, Lucinda Kirby,

Pauline Fletcher, Rachel Horton, Iradell Rice, Calvenia Carter, Patricia

Smith, Hazel Patton, Flora Lewis, Willie M. Harris, Emma Caudle, Ella

Binford, Rosie Pickett, Lorine Lewis, Eddie M. Moore, Mamie Woods, Lela

Sales, and Amanda Franklin.


Pastor Franklin saw many ministries start and grow and ministered to people

all over the community and state. After seeing all these things completed,

on September 17, 2003, God decided this humble servant's race was finished

and quietly called him home.


The Church went through a period of mourning. The Church had suffered

another great loss and went without a Pastor until August 29, 2004 when God

sent another servant, Elder Benjamin D. Burt.


Elder Burt supported CARES and renewed support/participation with the

Tri-State and National Indian Creek Primitive Baptist Conventions. Under his

leadership, the church van was purchased and the Van Ministry was started.

The first SAPBC Web page was initiated. Deacons seated under Elder Burt

include: Deacon Mike Andrews. Elder Burt relinquished leadership in 2006.


Elder Alan Holman graciously accepted the helm as Interim Pastor of St.

Andrew P.B. Church in March of 2007. Elder Holman continue the ministries

already in place and provide the needed leadership, guidance, and support to

the church and its ministries. Elder Holman submitted himself to God's will

and made himself available to all the needs of the church. Elder Holman was

released as Interim Pastor in September 2007.


After much prayer and training from St. Andrew's own, Elder Harrison

Burruss, Pastor of St. Elizabeth Primitive Baptist Church, Elkton, TN, we

were ready to move forward. On March 2, 2008, God graciously sent us our

4th and current Pastor, Elder Michael Hartwell.


Under Elder Hartwell's leadership, the church has continued to grow

spiritually and physically. There is much growth in the Sunday School and

Bible Class. The Trustees have been reactivated and have taken on more

responsibility. The Deacons have more dedicated time to see after the

Pastor and Members. Each Deacon along with the Mothers have a designated

Membership Ward group where they see after their assigned members.


Deacons seated under Elder Hartwell include: Larry Rogers, Riley Kirby, Sandy Moore

and Greg Rice. Elder Hartwell has a vision for organization and is setting a

great foundation to move St. Andrew forward. New or revived ministries are

the Sunday Nursery/Children's Church, Women's Ministry, Praise Team,

Trustees, Membership Wards, Monthly Bible Memory Verses, and the Van

Ministry. A new Young Adult (20-34) and Teen (13-19) Sunday School Class,

and Mothers and Deacons Training Class has been established. Elder Hartwell

also reorganized the Mothers into Mothers and Deaconesses. The Deaconesses

seated under Elder Hartwell include: Lorine Lewis, Ann Jefferson, Rometha

Holman, Lena Andrews, Calvina Carter, Delicia Moore, and Serena Rogers.

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